Did you just say you don’t like the hunger games?

Did you just say you don’t like the hunger games?

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More about the Hubble Ultra-Deep Field.

EDIT: jsdillon adds some caveats:

  • Some of the dots in the HUDF are stars, though very few.  You can tell because they look like four pointed stars.  The four points are an optical effect due to the support struts of the secondary mirror.
  • 1 trillion stars is very high for a galaxy.  Very, very few galaxies have that many.  10 billion is more typical.
  • Though the light from the furthest of those galaxies took about 13 billion years to get to us, it doesn’t mean that those galaxies are 13 billion light years away.  In fact, due to the expansion of the universe, the object is now about 30 billion light years away from us.

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Mockingjay Part 1, Characters + Promotional Images

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modern au where clarke and octavia live next to eachother and bellamy knows he cant like clarke (i've seen a few of these but i just love them)


Okay, so this isn’t going to be nearly as fluffy as my last AU, and not nearly as dramatic as the one before. It’ll be a happy medium(:

Word Count: 1,064


Clarke was finally free. This wasn’t how she wanted to gain her freedom from her parents, this wasn’t at all how she wanted it to play out, but it had, and she was slightly thankful. Clarke’s parents had died of cancer, both of them in the span of three months. Her dad died first, and that only made her mom’s condition worse. Now, Clarke was leaving Colorado for California. When her father first died, Clarke had called her best friend, Octavia. Even though Clarke had moved to Colorado six years ago, she and Octavia had remained close friends. When Clarke’s mom died, Clarke had called Octavia in tears. Octavia had mentioned that there was a house for sale right next door. Clarke didn’t hesitate to take up the offer. Clarke had inherited everything from her parents. When her dad passed away, Clarke paid for the funeral, and then still had plenty of money for college, so she put it in the bank. When her mother died, Clarke paid for a funeral and then bought the house next to Octavia and paid for movers to move all of the furniture and things she couldn’t fit in the car. The house she lived in before was pretty damn close to a mansion, and Clarke didn’t need the space or the memories. It sold within a week, and because Clarke was moving into a townhouse, she had made a huge profit. Now, she sped past the 70mph sign going more like 90. It was unlike Clarke to drive recklessly, but she was free, and it felt good.

Clarke turned off on exit 64, and pulled over for gas. She picked up her phone and texted Octavia, “Be there in twenty!!!” She paid for the gas and sped off again. The subdivision was straight from a cartoon. The streets were numbered. How creative, Clarke thought, laughing. Each house was identical, each blade of grass flat and equal with the one beside it. Each bush had perfectly placed flowers. Every house was two stories, with two window and a door on the bottom, and three windows on top. It was absolutely perfect. Clarke pulled up at house number 404 on Fourth Street. Clarke could not believe she was finally here. California. She hopped out of her parent’s old car and smelled the air. The front door to her left opened, and Octavia came out, running.

“”Clarke Griffin!” She shouted, wrapping Clarke into a hug they had both waited so long for.

“Octavia!” Clarke was happier than she had ever been. Nothing could ever replace her parents, but that was the next best thing. “It has been way too long.”

From over Octavia’s shoulder, Clarke noticed another head popping out from Octavia’s house. Octavia noticed Clarke’s focus had changed, so she turned around, to see her brother on the small front porch. “Oh! I forgot to tell you, Bellamy still lives here, you remember Clarke, don’t you Bellamy?”

Bellamy stepped off of the porch and walked over. “It’s not like you’ve talked to her every day since you were twelve.” Bellamy laughed, and Octavia punched him playfully. Bellamy gave Clarke a friendly hug.

“Holy puberty!” Clarke joked, looking Bellamy over.

“You’ve grown a lot, too.” Bellamy replied. Damn, did he look nice, Clarke thought. Clarke hadn’t seen Bellamy since he was sixteen. Sixteen was Bellamy’s awkward stage. Now, He had grown out his dark, wavy hair, and looked more buff than ever. He was cleanly shaven and wore a black tee that seemed to be a little small (but Clarke didn’t mind).

Bellamy checked his watch and said, “It’s 12 now, wanna go out for lunch and then we can help you unpack?”

“Yeah! That would be so much fun!” Octavia squealed.

“Sounds good!” Clarke smiled. The three packed into Bellamy’s jeep and went to a restaurant nearby. Clarke had never heard of it before, but it was a nice little sit down restaurant with chandeliers and red pleather booths. “Is this new?” Clarke asked.

“If you’re asking if this was here before you left, yeah, it’s new.” Octavia answered. “You’ll love it. You like Italian right?”

“Of course!” Clarke smiled.


Clarke ordered fettuccini alfredo with grilled chicken. Octavia got white pizza with spinach, and Bellamy got a calzone. The food came out hot and it smelled amazing.

“I bet you’re wondering why I still live at home.” Bellamy said to Clarke.

To be honest, it hadn’t even crossed Clarke’s mind, and she said so.

“I’ll tell you anyway, I got into UCLA. I’m just home for the summer. I’m going into my senior year.” Bellamy said proudly, and Octavia beamed.

“That’s amazing! What are you going to do when you graduate?”

“I’m thinking about being a fireman.”

“Clarke, if you work on an EMS, you two could work together!” Octavia smiled brightly.


That day, the three had unwrapped all of the furniture and finished the living room, kitchen and were almost done with Clarke’s master bedroom. Everything seemed so perfect from the outside, but Clarke really missed her parents. She may be free, but she was alone.

By the end of the month, the house was complete. Clarke had become even better friends with Octavia, and gotten much closer with Bellamy. They intimidated each other, though neither showed it. Bellamy was leaving the next day to go back to school.

Octavia had gone home for dinner, and Bellamy had just hung up the last picture.

“Hey, Bellamy?” Clarke asked cautiously.

“Yeah?” Bellamy looked up.

“Are you gonna be home on the weekends?”

“Probably every other weekend. That reminds me, Mom and Dad want you to come over for holidays and your birthday.”

“Thanks, that’s really nice.”

“Yeah. I’m gonna go.” Bellamy walked over, close to Clarke and kissed her on the forehead. “I’m gonna miss you, Clarke.”

“You too.” Clarke smiled sadly. It had only been a month but it had felt like so much more. Bellamy walked to the door and right before he walked out Clarke said, “Bellamy, wait.” He turned around. “Please don’t go.”

He turned around and wrapped Clarke in his arms and kissed her. Then, suddenly, Bellamy turned back around. “We can’t.” He said sharply. “What do you mean?” Clarke asked, slightly hurt. “I mean we can’t, Clarke. You’re Octavia’s best friend.” “So?” “So, us being together would kill her.” Bellamy sighed. “Bellamy…” “Will I see you before I leave?” “Of course.” “Okay. Good night Clarke.”


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Simple, fluffy AU. Request & follow my loves! xx


Claude Monet

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